Thursday, April 18, 2013

Although a bit later than usual here in my neighborhood, spring has arrived in all its glory!  My hot pink azaleas have never been more beautiful.

 I was away for a few days last weekend, and when I returned my yard was ablaze with color.
The bird feeders have been jammed with some new and old visitors, even though the worms are more plentiful in the yard.  

They all flew away when I went out to snap some shots, but I was able to catch a few sweet birdies from inside my bay window.

I haven't had the "heart" to blog in past weeks due to the passing of my beloved cockapoo, Gabe. 

At 14 1/2, Gabe had been the dearest companion and friend... a true furry "soul-mate".

We've  been the best of pals, through thick and thin... always my sweet, sweet boy.  He had a wonderful life, and was among the greatest of gifts ever.  There truly is no greater friend.

My baby Buttons and I both miss Gabe terribly, but we are gradually moving toward a "new normal".  

B has gotten some brand new squeaky toys, and extra chewy treats!  He looks sad, but I think he is pretty happy with this new toy... just a little sleepy after playing so hard.

After a bath, he decided he was quite ready for a tummy rub from his mom. Maybe a nap would be even better...  So sorry for the lack of modesty. Ha!

Words cannot express my gratitude for all the notes, calls and messages of encouragement sent to me at this most difficult time.  The new birth of spring is an ever-encouraging reminder that there is always hope and joy to come.  My heart has broken, but I will have the sweetest memories to sustain me always.  Family, friends, faith... even art are such a comfort.  Watching the birds soothes my soul.  I got an email from one of my favorite boutiques the other day with this beautiful logo on it.  I just loved it!  I just adore birds and all they represent.  Happy spring!  

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Martha Richardson said...

Beautiful post...isn't it the truth that spring has finally sprung...I can tell because here everything is covered in yellow pollen and the trees are in full bloom. I can appreciate how much you miss Gabe...still every once in a great while I look for our beloved Dutch!