Sunday, June 24, 2012

An affair with writing

Do you love to write with a wonderful pen?  How long has it been since you have written with a fabulous fountain pen?  I have recently loved playing with a dip pen.  They are great fun, but I sometimes have difficulty getting the right flow of the ink on the nib.  There is definitely an art to that!
I was recently introduced, via Joanne Sharpe, to the awesome Goulet Pen Company.  The couple who own the company- Brian and Rachel Goulet, are just the nicest people to shop with. They have a HUGE selection of the best pens, inks, and really quality paper.

With my first order ( uh uh, yes... my first order) I started out with two NOODLER FLEX pens and black and brown ink.  As soon as I started writing, I was totally HOOKED!  One of the best things they offer are their ink samples... They carry literally HUNDREDS of ink choices in every color under the sun.  The samples are very reasonably priced, and I can fill the barrel of my pen several times with just one sample... INK HEAVEN, for sure!!!   As you can see, I have already sampled some delicious colors.  My little Play, Practice, Write, Repeat sampler is done with my Copics collection.  Oh, I do LOVE my art supplies... I am truly an art supply junkie...  I need a 12-step program!!!

I had never bought any of the journals that the Goulets carry, and I am smitten with the quality of the RHODIA webbie...  It is perfection to write on... With my new Lamy, the words glide over the page like melted butter... divine...

I can't wait for some more quiet moments to think and spill ideas at my cozy writing spot.  Writing is really good for the soul.  May all your stories be good ones...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer solstice

As we welcome the summer solstice tomorrow, I am immersed in fun new mixed media adventures in my little art haven.   I have so much fun rearranging all my stash... always looking for a better way to keep things I use most--right at my fingertips.

I ADORE trying new products and I often do sample the newest things that art pals recommend, or those I read about on my favorite blogs.  It is a rush to get new "toys", but lately I have been having a blast "swatching" all my markers, crayons, and sprays.  Getting a sample down on paper is a fantastic way to really "see" what I have... Packaging can be deceiving as to true color.  So now I have all my samples on cute little rings...  Choosing colors for future projects will be so much easier with these little jewels at the ready.

 I am taking two of Joanne Sharpe's delightful classes.  My lettering can always use some pizzazz,
so LETTER LOVE is a wonderful exploration into play with all kinds of alphabets.  Here's one of my first letter entries...

I'm also loving another of Joanne's online classes-- Color Love 101.  Exploration with many kinds of color media is right up my alley.  Here is the title page of my Color Lovin' journal.

Today I also began the new journal class by the delightful Teresa McFayden.  Her newest class is ART JOURNALISTA.  Day one has been such fun... and I can't wait to see how it unfolds.  I have taken almost every class Teresa has taught and she is always a favorite... such a talent, and so sweet to boot! 

I know I have lots on my "art plate" this summer... but that's just the way I like it.  I also have my KINDLE charged and ready for some exciting summer reading.  Here's hoping you're having fun with some summer pursuits, too!  

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Welcome summer

School's out for summer!!!! YIPPEE!!!  I have had a truly rewarding experience this semester teaching Algebra I remediation classes at a local high school.  The exams are over.  Our students, overall, did exceptionally well, and I am ecstatic!  The TI-84 PLUS calculators, the piles of papers,  graphic organizers and sharp pencils are put away for the summer.

I'm sorry to have been away from my blog for so long, but I have been pretty immersed in life lately. School got so busy toward the end, but now I have some time to enjoy summer, and get back to some creative pursuits.

With the lazy, hazy days of summer upon us, I turn to things here on Garrison.   I adore having more time to be in my favorite spot---HOME SWEET HOME. Spending time out on the back porch with a great book and a tall glass of iced sweet tea sounds like heaven to me most any day.

 When it's too hot for my outside space, I love to be inside, too. I find myself wanting a bit of a "spruce up"... a "pick-me-up" to spice things up.  I found a fabulous treasure at a local antique shop a couple of years ago.  It was such a find... in great condition, and in the most luscious "baby jane" pink!  How could I turn it down???  It has lived in my bedroom, displaying assorted mixed media pieces that I have made and others that have been given to me. I loved that purpose for it, but it was time for a change!

I also collect lovely old china... ALWAYS containing roses somewhere on the pattern.  I adore anything with roses on it.  I don't have a big set of anything... just a fun collection of pieces I have snagged as I have traveled about.  Not having tons of kitchen cupboard space, I came upon the idea of bringing this pink beauty into the family room, opposite the kitchen table, as a display for these "lovelies" stored in the cabinets. As I went deeper into the cupboards, I found so many pieces that I had forgotten about... out of sight, out of mind... Now they have found a wonderful new home...  where I pass them every time I go down the hallway.

Having a cup of morning coffee, or a plate of iced lemon cookies will be such a pleasure, as I pull out one of these favorites to serve with.

The biggest decision may be which "old piece" to use today.  Don't you love old things, treasures that may have a story ???  I adore mixing the old with the new.  It makes things so much more fun!!!

Some of life's greatest joys really are in the "small things"... the everyday things that don't cost much at all.   I hope you'll enjoy some of the everyday joys in your life today. 

I have signed up for Joanne Sharpe's new class called "COLOR LOVE 101"  It sounds like loads of new inspiration for me.  I'm just back from getting my hair trimmed, and luckily the craft store is almost next door to the salon.  I had most of the supplies needed from my stash, but picked up just a couple of things so I will be ready to go next Monday.  Can't wait!!!  I hope to have some new artwork to post soon...It's been way too long...  

Pour yourself some tea... hot or iced... and enjoy this lovely June day!