Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A great find is always such fun!

Before Christmas I treated myself to the new IPAD MINI.  I am a true "Apple Groupie", but it was my first IPAD.  I have a MACBOOK and an IPHONE, but kept talking myself out of the IPad... telling myself I really didn't "need" it.  So much for that logic!  When the Mini came out I called Target and they had only two in stock.  As soon as I saw it, I was in LOVE!!!  It is the PERFECT size for me.  It has a FABULOUS camera that I use all the time!!! LOVE IT!!!  I can load pictures of friends and family off the internet and share with my parents... We have had such fun with it ever since I bought it. I love carrying it in my purse, but did not want to scratch it.  I had looked for cases several places and didn't see anything that caught my fancy.  We were roaming through Tuesday Morning the other day. Lying on a shelf... totally out of place was the PERFECT case.  I just happened to have my Ipad with me, so I could test it  for the proper fit.  It was MADE for it!!! The cases I had looked at ranged from $40-95 for real leather ones.  I couldn't really tell the price on this one, so I went to get checked out and was ecstatic when he said $8 !!!  What fun to discover a case I loved everything about... and for it to be a BARGAIN, besides!!!

This is a photo when it is closed to carry in my bag.

It even has a great suede pocket... with a smaller compartment... just dandy for carrying the cord.

I love how I can stand it up, tucking the buckle underneath, creating a little easel...  

As Hannibal on the A-TEAM always said... "I love it when a plan comes together!"

Monday, January 21, 2013

Project completed

Isn't it a fabulous feeling to complete a project you have been working on a while... maybe putting it down for weeks at a time... but finally getting it finished???  I love that feeling... a rush from completion of a goal set... Sounds just like a teacher, for sure!!!  

Way back in September, I began a fun online class with the delightful Melody Ross.  It was packed with so much material and I adored every activity... but with lots of things going on in life... like the rush of the holidays and hand-made gifts to get ready... I had to put it on hold for some weeks.  

With access to the class for only a few more days, I decided to get in gear and finish up what I had started earlier in the fall.  So my extra-large canvas board cover book is complete!  I have made scores of books, but none quite like this one.

I made my book a resource for all learned in the class... with handouts and PDF's for later use.  One of my favorite parts of the class was experimenting with many kinds of media and making swatches on old file folders... a great tool...

A recycled envelope glued into the back cover can help me keep up ...

...with all the "loose stuff"... a good thing indeed!

Several months ago, my BFF Tonya gave me a FABULOUS set of dies... dies that cut all shapes of TABS.  I have a thing for tabs!!!  (another "teacher-thing", I guess)...  So I pulled those out to put a few in my book...

I love looking at all those wonky tabs sticking out...

Closing the book on another fulfilling project... thanks Melody.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Home is where the story begins.

It's a known fact that I ADORE birds, using them in my artwork and in my home decor.  Lately, I am in a "birdcage phase".  The main source of  my inspiration came from a gorgeous new bedspread my parents gave me for Christmas.  It's the sweetest pattern, and I am ga-ga over it!

In my travels, I have collected some wonderful cages. 

 This crusty pink one is perfect for this shabby chic piece that has been in my bedroom for many a day.  

This treasure has been in my family for quite a while... lovingly chosen from the sweetest gift shop that was in our town for several years.  I miss Teresa, the owner of that dear shop, so much.  Her choice of pieces was impeccable.  

We currently have a fabulous shoppe in our town that has some darling items... from unique refinished furniture pieces to precious accessories like this little "yarn cage".  The yarn comes up through the top with a little cutter on the side... adorable!

This little yellow gem is so cheery... sitting on a painted daisy bombay chest in the family room.

We've had some gloomy days of late.  Today has been very wintery and overcast, but late this afternoon, just before sunset, a few peeks of sunlight flooded into my little art studio.  The sun cast a shadow around a treasured cage given to me by two dear friends.  

Home really is where the story begins...

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! Welcome 2013!

The 2 Gypsy Girls are among my favorite blogs ever.  Their ideas are such fun.  Several years ago they came up with the calendar idea on an old book cover.  I had a vintage cover that was so shabby and worn... the perfect backdrop for my very own monthly calendar.  Every year they are kind enough to send the PDF to fit the days of the year... so I just got mine ready for the spanking-new-year!

I have a nasty cold/virus, so I didn't celebrate until the wee hours... instead I was in bed with a 100 fever and a cough.  YUCK!!!  Nonetheless I'm looking forward to a dreamy new year, full of new hopes.  

Welcome, 2013!  I know the best is yet to come!