Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter Weekend

I am SO HAPPY that winter is over and spring is here (even if it doesn't feel like it yet).

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Getting ready for Easter

Oh, how I love the Easter holiday and all that it means to me.  I'm getting out a few favorite spring touches to lighten the heart.  This little guy is a "fav", as he adorns my table each Easter season.  The bunny placemats make my little glass breakfast table a happy, happy space.

Early this morning, while making my coffee, I stopped to look out my garden window... sooooooo thankful for the sun, after such a gloomy and cool Palm Sunday weekend.  What a blessing to see the sun peeking up on the horizon.

I'm still finding time to fill my Ponderings visual journal... it's getting fatter, even though I'm not even into the final signature yet!

I'm hoping to get outside as soon as it warms a bit... to pinch the pansies and fluff the flower bed.

This season has given me a lighter step, with renewed joy in my heart.  I love this darling artwork from  Susan Branch.  Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

First Day of Spring-Eve

Just finished making a hand-made birthday card for a dear friend.  I am still loving some of the new dies I recently acquired.  I have a real love for anything relating to "home".

The billowy clouds are tiny, gathered puffs of tulle.

After a cold, rainy, raw day yesterday... the sun is out in all its glory... still a bit nippy, but a balm for my soul.  My "happy street" is basking in "First day of spring-eve".  Enjoy your last day of winter!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Springing forward...

"Springing forward" on this early March weekend sent me to my journal to mark the event in pastel shades of my favorite colors.  I adore using molding paste through stencils and masks... the look makes my heart sing...  The fabulous new Ranger Tim Holtz distress paints were used to give the look I wanted.  I can tell I will need to get a few more colors in these, as they blend so well and are permanent when dry.  

I have been working some this week in my aforementioned PONDERINGS 1 journal.  My first page is a simple layout with a "library card" theme.

Last Monday was  my day to go have my 2012 taxes completed by my accountant.  After lots of looking at all the figures, the final verdict was... I have to pay a little to the federal government, but will receive a refund from the state... so I came out "almost even"... but a little to my good... whew....  So I came home and made a page to commemorate the day... with a little "tax monkey" and some clear pockets holding the plusses and minuses. 

Birds are always a theme in my work. so I loved sketching and writing about the darling birds that live in my yard and eat from my feeders.  I had a piece of bird-themed wrapping paper as the inspiration here.

This page even included a tiny packet of the seed I give to my bird friends.  I love the analogy of the seed... so much abundance begins with the tiniest seed.

I find adventure comes my way when I open my heart.   Adventure can take many forms, but is a large part of what makes life worth living.  May you open your heart and have a week full of adventure.