Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Staying on course...

Oh my... it has been TOO LONG since I wrote a blog post!  It isn't that I have been idle... just so many things swirling around in my life.  One of the main reasons for my delay has been making some of my little Christmas surprises for family, friends and those that need a little pick-me-up.  Making many of my Christmas cards took lots of time, too... so I have really been a busy little elf for quite a few weeks.

Thanks to the inspiration of that cutie-pie girl, Christy Tomlinson, I have gone nutty making canvases (large and small) of some whimsical, fun winter pals.  Most were created on a smaller scale, but I mustered my courage and bought a wide-edge 16 X 20 canvas. Wow, that's a lot of white space!!!  "Staying on Course" is now the focal point of my grouping of winter whimsies.

Out came paints, gesso, and fuzzy yarns... He's quite a character, for sure!

Penguins are such sweet guys, and I had fun creating this one with the message~ SHINE...  Since I don't knit (but love to collect yarns), I found a great way to use that drawer full of funky, fuzzy yarns.

"Finding Community" is a special sentiment for me... Throughout the years, I have been so blessed to meet and find an extra-special community of like-minded creative spirits... My little owl pal and snowman are finding their connection...

For as long as I can remember, I have adored bears... collecting them over the years in all shapes and sizes... Love their sweet faces.  This "dressed for winter" bear boy speaks a timeless message...  "Love bears all"... Particularly at this time, we are all more mindful of the love of the season.

I need to get back to the arts and crafts store to buy more molding paste.  Can you tell I've used a whole jar???  

When I'm not in my art studio, I'm out and about. I've made the commitment to stay active, even during the shorter, colder days.  Whenever possible, Buttons and I put on our coats... and over the hill we go.  A brisk walk around the block makes us both feel so much better!  Buttons is a real ham~

I can hardly believe that Christmas Eve is one week away! YIKES!!! I'm off to the post office this morning with two big sacks of presents to mail to dear pals.  Hang on, Christmas is just a few days away!!!  

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Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

Love your paintings Jane - they are awesome. the owl is my fav. I'm long behind on blog posts too . hibernating a bit over here. Christmas is a stressful time for me being very introverted.
Happy Christmas to you xx