Saturday, August 6, 2011

A bit of an explanation

Several years ago I happened to take a road trip to charming Saluda, NC, where I went to RANDOM ARTS and met the multi-talented Jane Powell. Having done so many kinds of art, I had never worked with book arts or mixed media. Jane and Jen introduced me to a whole new world. I hobbled to my car with all I could carry---from a Japanese screw punch to paints of all kinds. Jane was sponsoring classes with some of the best mixed media artists in the country. So I jumped in head first! One of the first classes I signed up for was the delightful Kristin Steiner's "To Map the Treasures of my Heart". I knew from the first moment I was in the perfect place... doing the kind of work I had yearned for my whole life.

Kristi, in her ever-encouraging way, inspired me to set out on this special journey of self-discovery and expression. One of the assignments of her class was to bring in a baby picture of ourselves to use on a book page. From that day forward, dearest Kristi has affectionately nicknamed me "Baby Jane". Although I'm far from being a baby, my nickname has "stuck" and many of my "art tribe" still call me "Baby Jane"... thus the name for my blog. Being a child at heart has given me the courage and freedom to "play" at my art table.

I hope you find what you love to do and make it your "passion". Passion makes life worth living. Live... Laugh... Love... every day.


Barbara Hagerty said...

So sweet and lovely!

I'm really enjoying your new blog! The wallpaper you've chosen is fabulous!

Charmingdesigns said...

I came by awhile ago and left you a big ole message...and poof, blogger took it away! So here I go again. Your album is beautiful. I'm so glad you started a blog, I plan to put you in my google reader so we can stay in touch. I came over from FTB.

primdollie said...

wonderful!! My GF talks alot of Random Arts she stays there in NC for the summer when she is break from school!! looks like you had fun!! enjoy your work is wonderful!! I will stop bk in again!!