Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Several months ago, I took a wonderful online class with Roben Marie Smith called MIXED MEDIA MAYHEM (See the link in the sidebar).  What fun it was to get out file folders, gesso, sprays and stencils of all kinds to play away!

Right after finishing the online instructions, I put my book together, but never finished adding all my images and thoughts.  As one season is drawing to a close, I felt the nudge to get this one finished, as I also work on my VELVET DAYS journal.  It has been really stimulating creatively to work on both of them, setting the goal of completing them before autumn arrives.  
I have recently reflected a lot on what really makes me happy. One thing I know is that I love to 
set goals, make lists and check off completed tasks.
This great love of structure must come from the "teacher gene"... 
one that will always be with me.
Here is the title page of UPON REFLECTION.

While on a "scavenger hunt" at a local antique mall a few weeks ago,
I found a delightful, but ancient children's book.
The pages were literally falling apart from the spine, but the images were
so inviting.   I just instantly fell in love.
Since the book was all but gone, I didn't feel so bad to cut it apart...
bringing it back to life in my own little journal.

I have had a real determination of late to use up more of my "stash"....
I have drawers and drawers full of so many wonderful things and I keep hoarding them... silk ribbons,  laces, vintage metal pieces... just to name a few.
It has been wonderful to see some of these treasures take on new purpose in a different context.

Collecting quotes is also a meaningful pastime for me, and luckily I was able to find the ones
that spoke deeply to me.

The little bluebird in the page below was one of my first attempts at watercolor.  Watercolor is a tough medium to master, but I will keep trying because I just love the transparency of the color...yummm.  

My own gorgeous mother is the subject of the page on the left below.  She was beautifully dressed as a
sixteen-year-old ready for the May Day dance.   Love that pink dress and fur coat.

Back to work on more pages from UPON REFLECTION and VELVET DAYS. 
I have goals to reach!

  Here's hoping your last day of August is divine.


Janice Scherer said...

What beautiful pages Jane. They are so inviting, and I love the pages from the children's book. I can tell these pages have great energy. Thanks for sharing it all. xoxo

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Hi Baby Jane! Just popped over from FTB. First of all I LOVE your velvet days journal! These pages in this post have spoken to me in a different way than most art journals .. a deeper, soul touching way. Their beauty comes from deep within I would say. It is already a gorgeous book, and will be a treasure when you finish. I'm so happy you shared them. It's been an honour to see them. :O) Donna

Roben-Marie said...

I am so excited to see a completed file folder journal! The children's book page pieces are very nice. Great work and thanks for sharing!