Monday, January 9, 2012

Time for some "LETTER WHIMSY"

My first online art journal e-course

 was with the delightful Teresa McFayden.

At the time, I had not nurtured

 my creative spirit in quite some time,

due to work constraints and family issues.

I remember my dear friend Kristi 

telling me about WRITE PLACE WRITE TIME.

I knew I wanted to follow those

 nudgings of my heart.

The magic summer that Teresa rolled out that class,

I was totally smitten with her work and style.

Teresa is one talented artist, 

and I love it 

when she shares a new opportunity with us.

Teresa and I have never met in person,

but we have emailed back and forth many times.

She is such a warm and supportive person.

Today was the beginning day for her newest E-ZINE


I have my little practice book put together,

ready to go...

I'm such a "product junkie"...

This class will give me an opportunity

to learn better uses for some of these great

pens and markers that have been hiding

 in a drawer in my art space...

Such a darling little quilted bag

made by

another talented artist and friend...

Mama Crow...


If you would love some lettering fun,

take a peek here.

Happy lettering!!!


mrich2500 said...

Oh that looks like fun...98 days to freedom to live my creative life to the fullest!

kristi said...

Am thrilled to be in here, knee deep in letters and learning. What a great way to start the New Year. Here we go!