Friday, February 10, 2012

A busy February...

I have been absent from "blogdom" for a few weeks now, but all for a good reason.  Several weeks ago, a new opportunity arrived at my doorstep unexpectedly.

A new job offer arrived when I least expected it.  As a retired teacher, I can only work part-time, and that suits me just fine!  A girl has to have time for all her passions...  Anyway, I am now working with Algebra I intervention in a local high school... a job I have never done before.  Soooooo, I am having a little homework myself, staying "sharp" on all the key concepts I am helping students to master.  I do love it, and feel it has given me a new purpose.  My kitchen table is now strewn with a graphing calculator, algebra books, lots of paper and some very sharp pencils!!!

I haven't had quite as much time for my art as before, but working only three days a week still affords me the time to "play" with all my art toys... Yes, more COPICS have arrived... I can't seem to stop getting more colors... There are just so many gorgeous ones!!!

I'm still having fun making art about just normal, yet precious events...  like Sunday dinner at Mom and Dad's after church.  Having my beloved parents still here with me is such a gift, one I cherish and love to celebrate.

I'm pushing the math equations aside for a while to make a few valentines... Lace, watercolor, scraps and markers are scattered all over my little art room.  Here's the yummiest heart I received last year from my dear friend Kristi... Nothing could be sweeter...

Love is really all we need.

Share some love with your special ones over the next few days.  

 Life really is so good.


Vannoy said...

I always love to look at your beautiful are so talented. As for the Algebra, I do hope you pulled out the soft tiles. I always think about the tiles and "Pig" around tax time. lol

babyjane said...

Thanks so much, Sherry. No soft tiles, yet... But I always have them in reserve!!! LOL!!!

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

Your pages looks great Jane.
Love the heart - and all the details. So beautiful.

Congrats on the new job too.