Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer solstice

As we welcome the summer solstice tomorrow, I am immersed in fun new mixed media adventures in my little art haven.   I have so much fun rearranging all my stash... always looking for a better way to keep things I use most--right at my fingertips.

I ADORE trying new products and I often do sample the newest things that art pals recommend, or those I read about on my favorite blogs.  It is a rush to get new "toys", but lately I have been having a blast "swatching" all my markers, crayons, and sprays.  Getting a sample down on paper is a fantastic way to really "see" what I have... Packaging can be deceiving as to true color.  So now I have all my samples on cute little rings...  Choosing colors for future projects will be so much easier with these little jewels at the ready.

 I am taking two of Joanne Sharpe's delightful classes.  My lettering can always use some pizzazz,
so LETTER LOVE is a wonderful exploration into play with all kinds of alphabets.  Here's one of my first letter entries...

I'm also loving another of Joanne's online classes-- Color Love 101.  Exploration with many kinds of color media is right up my alley.  Here is the title page of my Color Lovin' journal.

Today I also began the new journal class by the delightful Teresa McFayden.  Her newest class is ART JOURNALISTA.  Day one has been such fun... and I can't wait to see how it unfolds.  I have taken almost every class Teresa has taught and she is always a favorite... such a talent, and so sweet to boot! 

I know I have lots on my "art plate" this summer... but that's just the way I like it.  I also have my KINDLE charged and ready for some exciting summer reading.  Here's hoping you're having fun with some summer pursuits, too!  


mrich2500 said...

It's probably a good thing that we live on opposite ends of the state...probably would get in big trouble!!! This is my 3rd Joanne Sharpe class and also involved in several others. I too love new products and trying new things, taking new classes & just hanging out in my studio :)

babyjane said...

Martha, It would be such fun to "play" together, wouldn't it??? I hope you LOVE retirement and have many golden days in your beautiful studio. Keep me posted on all the fun you're having!