Sunday, June 24, 2012

An affair with writing

Do you love to write with a wonderful pen?  How long has it been since you have written with a fabulous fountain pen?  I have recently loved playing with a dip pen.  They are great fun, but I sometimes have difficulty getting the right flow of the ink on the nib.  There is definitely an art to that!
I was recently introduced, via Joanne Sharpe, to the awesome Goulet Pen Company.  The couple who own the company- Brian and Rachel Goulet, are just the nicest people to shop with. They have a HUGE selection of the best pens, inks, and really quality paper.

With my first order ( uh uh, yes... my first order) I started out with two NOODLER FLEX pens and black and brown ink.  As soon as I started writing, I was totally HOOKED!  One of the best things they offer are their ink samples... They carry literally HUNDREDS of ink choices in every color under the sun.  The samples are very reasonably priced, and I can fill the barrel of my pen several times with just one sample... INK HEAVEN, for sure!!!   As you can see, I have already sampled some delicious colors.  My little Play, Practice, Write, Repeat sampler is done with my Copics collection.  Oh, I do LOVE my art supplies... I am truly an art supply junkie...  I need a 12-step program!!!

I had never bought any of the journals that the Goulets carry, and I am smitten with the quality of the RHODIA webbie...  It is perfection to write on... With my new Lamy, the words glide over the page like melted butter... divine...

I can't wait for some more quiet moments to think and spill ideas at my cozy writing spot.  Writing is really good for the soul.  May all your stories be good ones...

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mrich2500 said...

I totally agree about the Goulet Pen company & placed a couple orders myself. I'm just looking for some time to write with them ;)