Monday, March 25, 2013

Getting ready for Easter

Oh, how I love the Easter holiday and all that it means to me.  I'm getting out a few favorite spring touches to lighten the heart.  This little guy is a "fav", as he adorns my table each Easter season.  The bunny placemats make my little glass breakfast table a happy, happy space.

Early this morning, while making my coffee, I stopped to look out my garden window... sooooooo thankful for the sun, after such a gloomy and cool Palm Sunday weekend.  What a blessing to see the sun peeking up on the horizon.

I'm still finding time to fill my Ponderings visual journal... it's getting fatter, even though I'm not even into the final signature yet!

I'm hoping to get outside as soon as it warms a bit... to pinch the pansies and fluff the flower bed.

This season has given me a lighter step, with renewed joy in my heart.  I love this darling artwork from  Susan Branch.  Have a wonderful week!


Martha Richardson said...

I am oh so ready for spring and this post made it that much more. Lovely...lovely post and can't wait to see the final journal when finished!

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

I´m so looking forward to spring over here - we still have lots of snow and more to come.
Your pondering visual journals looks great..
Have a wonderful Easter.