Sunday, March 10, 2013

Springing forward...

"Springing forward" on this early March weekend sent me to my journal to mark the event in pastel shades of my favorite colors.  I adore using molding paste through stencils and masks... the look makes my heart sing...  The fabulous new Ranger Tim Holtz distress paints were used to give the look I wanted.  I can tell I will need to get a few more colors in these, as they blend so well and are permanent when dry.  

I have been working some this week in my aforementioned PONDERINGS 1 journal.  My first page is a simple layout with a "library card" theme.

Last Monday was  my day to go have my 2012 taxes completed by my accountant.  After lots of looking at all the figures, the final verdict was... I have to pay a little to the federal government, but will receive a refund from the state... so I came out "almost even"... but a little to my good... whew....  So I came home and made a page to commemorate the day... with a little "tax monkey" and some clear pockets holding the plusses and minuses. 

Birds are always a theme in my work. so I loved sketching and writing about the darling birds that live in my yard and eat from my feeders.  I had a piece of bird-themed wrapping paper as the inspiration here.

This page even included a tiny packet of the seed I give to my bird friends.  I love the analogy of the seed... so much abundance begins with the tiniest seed.

I find adventure comes my way when I open my heart.   Adventure can take many forms, but is a large part of what makes life worth living.  May you open your heart and have a week full of adventure.

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Photocat said...

Boy you were busy... Great pages with lots of different techniques. Love this journal. And yes, i recognize the adrenaline rush for a new project...