Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My "wildflower summer" continues

I'm still having the most fun with  "wildflower summer" sketching, watercoloring, and mixed media creations.  Many of my pieces will reside inside a yummy old book... one with a soft, baby jane blue cover (yet to be further altered).  This wildflower-adorned weathered gate is the title page for this happy little "over-stuffed"  art journal.  

The porch swing page changed a bit from my first inception... now with an accompanying sentiment about friendship... always...

I'm really not one to like sleeping outdoors with creepy crawlers everywhere... but in my dreams... a quirky little tent like this one would be an idyllic escape from the hubbub of daily life.  The edge of my tent is made from muslin... with some wild little stitches... just for fun~  Thanks, Junelle, for this cutie-pie idea~

I loved Junelle's idea of the hidden pocket... mine holding a quote and some memories of a camping trip gone wrong!!!

A very positive creative practice is reflection on childhood play... helping an artist to re-create the abandonment of those days of no inhibitions... no rules...  One experience that is vivid in my memory is the delight of playground magic on that old seesaw... where "teamwork" with my partner was really all that made a difference... and that metaphor of balance is one that speaks to  my heart.  

Wildflowers seem to be everywhere these days... in fields, along interstate highways... so lovely.
The study of wildflowers has been such a refreshing distraction... oh the delphinium... so delightful!

In girlhood days, my cousins had the most fabulous playhouse... I was green with envy... It wasn't a treehouse... but was nonetheless bliss for little girls...  Although I was a girlie girl... I longed for a treehouse getaway...  It never came to pass... but it can, even now... in my little sketchbook... 

Home IS heaven for beginners... and I love being home...

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