Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October joys...

This October has been filled with birthday-celebrating, getting several "home chores" done (to get ready for winter), and "nest decorating" for autumn.  I found these darling little "carvable" pumpkins at the dollar store.  They are so easy to work with... so with my favorite paint colors I just HAD to do some stripes and polka-dots!!!  I did some a couple of years ago with real pumpkins, but these will be great to save for another season.  I loved popping them atop moss-drissled pedestals to stand by my front door.  They will be there to greet friends and neighbors throughout the fall season. 

 A large pansy pot stands on the other side of my door with a little white birdie overlooking the garden.

I found a metal pumpkin to hang on my baby-jane blue door... love the contrast...

We have had a few chilly nights, but no frosts yet... so I still have gorgeous roses.  These last lovelies filled this delightful "birthday vase" from my dear pal, Kristie.

My dinette table is ready for the season, too...

Come by for a cup of cider and a cookie... We'll have a sweet time~

Hopefully my next post will have some autumn art to share... I'm starting a new class with the ever-delightful Junelle... Today was our online open house... I can hardly wait!!!  

I hope all your autumn days are filled with the beauty of this delicious season... savor every moment~

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