Friday, October 25, 2013

Seeking after treasures of precious gold...

With the changing of the season has come a commitment to getting healthier...which for me means eating high quality foods... and MOVING more...  My dog Buttons needs the healthier regimen, too.  So every day (when the weather is good) we are out and about in the neighborhood.   A new pair of running shoes has made the journey so much better...

The newest wonderful online class with Junelle has begun this week. Our "homework" for  week one is to collect some delicious leaf samples for use in our art.  All our color in my neighborhood is not full-blown just yet, but I found some sweet samples.

My current art journal is a re-purposed children's book with some darling illustrations... some of which I will incorporate into my work.  Tucked in my coat pocket were some collected specimens that I spilled out onto a chair... and my watercolor sketch took shape...

"May you seek after treasures of precious gold and find them within the hearts of others."  Mary Summer Rain

I LOVE LOVE LOVE texture in my art... So this spread has some yummy elements to "touch"... wooly yarn, cotton, linen, scrim, wool, deli paper... and of course there has to be some glittery BLING!

"Look for a lovely thing and you will find it."  
Sara Teasdale

Getting in shape is hard work!  Just ask Buttons.

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