Monday, October 3, 2011

My completed BELIEVE, 2011 creation

Can you believe it is already October??? The shadows here in gorgeous western North Carolina have deepened, the days are getting shorter and there is a real crispness to the air.  It is just delicious, and a fabulous time to dig deep and create.  After attending last month's BELIEVE in YOURSELF retreat in Blowing Rock, I couldn't wait to complete the special project inspired by Kristi and Susan.  The theme, CREATIVITY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE, struck a note this time of year. The metaphor of the butterfly and the metamorphosis of the artist is such a timely theme, and one that spoke to me.  The colors I chose were bright green, hot fuschia and rust.

Isn't it strange how we artists collect treasures and hold on to them for sooooooo long?  I had found this great rusty metal butterfly years ago... and never knew exactly what I would do with it... It was an absolutely perfect element for this piece.

One of the most delightful aspects of this process was scouring for all these fun small elements like tiny bottles, vials, spices, corks, watch faces, vintage optical lenses, old hat pins, "frozen charlotte dolls"...

The richness of the fabrics selected made this one a pleasure to work on.  I just loved embossing the velvet.

I dug out the sewing box filled with beading supplies and set to beading the silk butterfly and butterfly book cover.  

My artist space has been bustling with activity and "creative chaos" as I worked on my project.  I guess I should straighten up just a bit before I start my next creation... or at least switch out the fabrics and other ephemera...  I can't really create unless my "stash" is where I can find it.... LOL!!!
Enjoy this first week of October... create something wonderful...

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tonya said...

OMG your believe project is so pretty. I am in awe.