Friday, November 11, 2011

11-11-11...Remembering those who served us and looking forward to the holidays...

Today is indeed a special day, isn't it? 
 I love Meagan McCray's artwork for this day.
With our calendar reading 11-11-11,
we mathematicians can have fun with today's date. 
We can also look forward to seeing 12-12-12 next year... 
so that will be fun, too!
When I taught math, the students and I did all kinds of interesting things 
with palindromic numbers (those that read the same forwards as backwards).
 Enough with the math lesson, right???

Another reason for reflection today is because it is
our national celebration of VETERANS' DAY.
I myself have never served,
but feel an eternal gratitude to all those who have given so much,
and especially to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.
I salute every special one who serves and has served.
You are my heroes indeed.

The middle of November is almost here, so the holidays
are truly just around the corner.  
I usually make some of the gifts I give to a few of my special pals,
so the calendar tells me I'd better get busy!

One of the most delightful Christmas projects I have ever done was last year's 
from those wonderful GYPSY GIRLS.
Here is my completed calendar as it was unveiled throughout the season.

Paula and Deb so generously gave many of the instructions through their blog entries.  
If you are interested, take a peek HERE.
They also have a digital download for sale on their ETSY site.  
My calendar varies from theirs,
as I wanted to personalize it and also use up some of own special treasures.
If you love mixed media and have some time, 
I know you would adore this idea.

Another fun kit the GYPSY GIRLS had last year was a darling little village.
I have no idea if it will be available for sale this year or not, but oh, was it fun to make, too.

I've unpacked mine already, adding some SNOW-TEX... 
almost ready to display everything right after Thanksgiving. 

Another darling village can be made using the ideas from 

I think you use cereal boxes and it looks as cute as can be.  
This online issue is free and full of great ideas.  
She also has a new holiday version for 2011 for only $3.99.  
See it HERE.

I have no affiliation with any of these folks,
but I love to share good ideas whenever I can.

Here's hoping you enjoy this gorgeous autumn weekend... 
the cold winds are bound to be swirling around us soon.

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SCquiltaddict said...

Great advent calendar...hmm a mathematical palindrome..who knew?