Thursday, December 1, 2011


Wow!  Can you believe it's already December ???
I always try to get my Christmas decorations up by the Thanksgiving weekend, 
since December gets so hectic. 
As my parents have gotten older, I have helped
 them put up and adorn their "very tall" tree, too.
So it has been a very busy time, but a part of the holidays I truly love.
Here are some shots of my little nest,
all ready for Santa to visit in just a few weeks.
I love my "slim" tree... just perfect in my cozy space.

I have such a love for miniature villages. 
Several years ago my sweet mother 
found a fabulous cabinet for me to display my village in all year round,
which is soooooooo nice.  
I can open the doors for a wide view, 
or close it up, while still enjoying much of the view.
I found a little pond with skaters... I can see them gliding round and fun!!!
Yes, I still am a child at heart!

The table is set and ready... All I have left to do is bake Santa some cookies 
and pour him some milk on Christmas Eve...

Gabe is lounging on the bed, as all the lights are being lit...

Buttons is just trying to catch a nap during all the bustle...

Last year here in North Carolina we had a BIG SNOWFALL on Christmas Day...
the first in my lifetime.
Do you remember this???

It was a magical and beautiful holiday, but I really hated missing more time with my folks.  

We caught a very early brunch before the roads became totally snow-covered.

Who knows what this year will bring?

I hope you will have a grand time with all your December festivities.

Don't get tangled up in all those Christmas lights!!!



kristi said...

Christmas in every corner of your beautiful cozy home! Aren't you glad you got a start on decorating now that you are back to being a working girl? Let the glitter season begin for all of us!

babyjane said...

Yes, Kristi... I am so glad that I got a bit of a head start with the decorating... Now, if only I had all those gifts ready!!! I guess I will have to glitter at night!!!

Michelle said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours this holiday season! Your home looks so festive and happy...especially your fur babies. :)