Friday, December 30, 2011

"Fluffing" my little art room and looking forward...

My little art room  looked like a cyclone hit it over the lasts few weeks.  
There was glitter, fake snow, GLIMMER MIST and paint everywhere!!!  
I made some little book/ cigar box collages for some dear friends and the process was fun, but messy... 

Soooo, now that Santa has delivered those, I needed to tidy up my space
 as I look forward to some new art adventures in the new year. 

My art closet was a total disaster...
How many times have I straightened it??? 
I wonder how long it will last this time....

Never underestimate the value of treasures found at the hardware store.
I bought these great units several years ago at HOME DEPOT and they are so perfect
for so many of my embellishments.
I LOVE being able to see what I am searching for...

It feels so good to actually see the wood of my working desk.
I'm almost ready to sit here and plan some
creative magic in 2012.
More about that later...

My sewing machine table was covered with "parts" and pieces in many different stages.
Now I can actually see it again, too.
I can't wait for a new mixed media piece
 to call me to my beloved BERNINA.

As I completed my "fluffing" the other the afternoon,
the shadows were so deep...
I finished just before the late-December early sunset.

As December is ending, I am thinking of a few more items that need to be given to charity.

I'm off to deliver those items...

As I go out the door, I'm delighted by the sight of the still-glittering message from Tonya.

Thank you for this beautiful treasure,

a constant reminder of a message that I want to carry in my heart every day...

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