Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A great find is always such fun!

Before Christmas I treated myself to the new IPAD MINI.  I am a true "Apple Groupie", but it was my first IPAD.  I have a MACBOOK and an IPHONE, but kept talking myself out of the IPad... telling myself I really didn't "need" it.  So much for that logic!  When the Mini came out I called Target and they had only two in stock.  As soon as I saw it, I was in LOVE!!!  It is the PERFECT size for me.  It has a FABULOUS camera that I use all the time!!! LOVE IT!!!  I can load pictures of friends and family off the internet and share with my parents... We have had such fun with it ever since I bought it. I love carrying it in my purse, but did not want to scratch it.  I had looked for cases several places and didn't see anything that caught my fancy.  We were roaming through Tuesday Morning the other day. Lying on a shelf... totally out of place was the PERFECT case.  I just happened to have my Ipad with me, so I could test it  for the proper fit.  It was MADE for it!!! The cases I had looked at ranged from $40-95 for real leather ones.  I couldn't really tell the price on this one, so I went to get checked out and was ecstatic when he said $8 !!!  What fun to discover a case I loved everything about... and for it to be a BARGAIN, besides!!!

This is a photo when it is closed to carry in my bag.

It even has a great suede pocket... with a smaller compartment... just dandy for carrying the cord.

I love how I can stand it up, tucking the buckle underneath, creating a little easel...  

As Hannibal on the A-TEAM always said... "I love it when a plan comes together!"

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