Thursday, January 3, 2013

Home is where the story begins.

It's a known fact that I ADORE birds, using them in my artwork and in my home decor.  Lately, I am in a "birdcage phase".  The main source of  my inspiration came from a gorgeous new bedspread my parents gave me for Christmas.  It's the sweetest pattern, and I am ga-ga over it!

In my travels, I have collected some wonderful cages. 

 This crusty pink one is perfect for this shabby chic piece that has been in my bedroom for many a day.  

This treasure has been in my family for quite a while... lovingly chosen from the sweetest gift shop that was in our town for several years.  I miss Teresa, the owner of that dear shop, so much.  Her choice of pieces was impeccable.  

We currently have a fabulous shoppe in our town that has some darling items... from unique refinished furniture pieces to precious accessories like this little "yarn cage".  The yarn comes up through the top with a little cutter on the side... adorable!

This little yellow gem is so cheery... sitting on a painted daisy bombay chest in the family room.

We've had some gloomy days of late.  Today has been very wintery and overcast, but late this afternoon, just before sunset, a few peeks of sunlight flooded into my little art studio.  The sun cast a shadow around a treasured cage given to me by two dear friends.  

Home really is where the story begins...

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Martha Richardson said...

So true ! Love the bedspread :)