Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ponderings 1

As February comes to a close, I had a big burst of creative energy this week, making a new art journal. 

I am far from a professional bookbinder, but I had such fun learning a new binding stitch~the double X.

I started with a vintage book that I picked up at a local shop.  My pals Kristi, Susan and I were shopping one Saturday before Christmas and ran across a couple of great old books.  Kristi spied them first, and of course we had to grab them to use in an upcoming project. 

Kristi and I are both taking the fabulous online class from Mary Ann Moss... TICKET TO VENICE.

The class cranked up right before Christmas, and with all the hubbub of the holidays... then Valentine's Day and other projects....  I just got inspired to jump in this week. As I anticipated the change of seasons soon, I felt the urge to create something funky and new.  This is really a fun class... such a value for the money... and it's ON SALE through today!  Even at regular price, it's a fabulous value.  

The text block for my book is filled with all kinds of different  papers, some thicker and some thin...more about that later. 

 I can't wait to fill it... for now it is not very thick, but that will change over time... I've ordered more bookbinding supplies, so I'm sure there will be additional "ponderings" to come...

Tomorrow, March 1st, is the beginning of "meteorological spring"... sounds good to me... a nudge to fill my new book with all kinds of visual bliss.  Welcome spring!


Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

Your journal is wonderful Jane - I love the metal plate on the front.
Your binding is perfect.
Isn´t this class just the best. I LOVED it so much.

Just booked my tickets and are going to Venice in April - for real :-)- can´t wait and will ofcourse make a travel journal for the trip.

Mary Ann said...

i think it's BEAUTIFUL jane!
how fun to have a friend to do the class with :-)