Sunday, July 29, 2012

Old Gringo love

For quite some time I have been lusting after a pair of OLD GRINGO boots.  I am a boot collector, loving every pair I own.  They are just the most fun accessory ever.  I swooned over a pair that I ordered last Christmas, but unfortunately they weren't a proper fit, so they had to be returned.   I had put these lustful thoughts on the back burner until just a few days ago.  I knew of a store about an hour or so away that carried this wonderful line of handmade boots.  So I called on the chance that they "might" be having a sale.  I was THRILLED to hear that many of the styles were indeed 40% off the original price.  So I dashed over yesterday afternoon, and had a grand time trying on so many gorgeous pairs.  I came home with these beauties and I am over the moon... hardly able to wait to wear them when it cools down just a bit.

Even the box they came in was oh-so-cool.

Another little "find" from yesterday's shopping was a darling pillow with an adorable blue bird... just perfect in my bedroom easy chair.  Can you tell I'm loving that hint of soft blue???

Another color I adore these days is this delicious tomato red... So thankful to great friends who have brought me these scrumptious beauties that I let fully ripen in my garden window. Even my "fake bunny friends" look like they want to take a big bite!  There is nothing in the whole world like a "real garden" tomato.  YUMMMMMMMMM...

I'm about to tear off the July page of my 2012 calendar.  Where has the summer gone???  Here's to a few more lazy steamy days, filled with drippy tomato sandwiches, sweet early morning coffees on the porch and other late summer pursuits.  The crisp winds of autumn are just weeks away. Ahhhh, life is so good, and lately it seems to go by so very fast.


Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

Those boots are awesome Jane - we don´t have anything like this over here. I wish me some too - how cool

Sheila Thompson said...

Love your great finds! Glad that life is treating you good. seems surreal that we won't be together this September...remimbering the good times we've had!

tonya said...

You are going to be rockin those gringos Baby jane