Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sparkle... Color... Collage...

Some days I get brave enough to try a simple sketch in my visual journal. "Sparkle and Shine" was inspired by a lovely dish towel given to me by my pal, Kristi.  I do adore chandeliers and thought it would be fun to sketch and glitter one in my journal.  That blue German glass glitter is just delightful.  

Lettering practice from Joanne Sharpe's class gave the impetus for this page.

I loved this quote on a magazine tear-out, and knew the message needed a permanent place in my book.

The magic of collage has endless possibilities.  I just love to cut, play, and paste away.

When I put this book together weeks and weeks ago, I included pockets, both horizontal and vertical.  Just love secret words and messages tucked inside envies and pockets.  The birdy and flowers are the designs of Teresa McFayden... soooooo cute.

Vintage postcards always appeal to my senses... so many thoughts about days gone by.  This one particularly reminded me of childhood times.  On this page I used a very cool pencil.  When you write, it looks like any other graphite pencil. When it is dampened, it turns to ink!  How cool is that???

There has been much sadness on the national scene lately.  I find it hard at times to keep a "clear lens" on life.  Taking time to meditate, write and make art helps me to keep "la vie claire"... the clear life.


Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

Love your pages Jane - especialy your letter page. need to learn that some day.

tonya said...

Baby Jane your work makes me happy.