Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Busy here on Garrison

We're loving these crisp autumn evenings and sunny warm days here on Garrison.  With the side door open, and the screen exposed, it's delicious to drink in the gentle breezes and sounds of acorns plopping    on the driveway, like popcorn in the cooker. I've never seen the squirrels so busy, getting ready for the winter.  Wow... where did the summer go???

I don't do too much Halloween decorating, but I'm enjoying a few sweet touches... with frilly crepe paper and cute little black cats.

I haven't blogged about my creative pursuits in several weeks... and it's NOT because I have been idle. I have been working like a bee making some Christmas surprises.  All kinds of  "parts" have arrived from ETSY... a favorite shopping source.  

These tiny jingle bells are adorable.

Can I tell you how much I adore ruffled crepe paper?

I've always loved pine cones of all sizes and shapes.  These just had to come to my house.  The packaging is as cute as the bitty cones themselves.

My studio looks like a cyclone hit, but it's all part of the fun of my creative process.  The final creations aren't yet to be revealed.  Some of the recipients of my efforts just might read this blog, and I would never want to spoil the surprise!  

After turning a year older a few weeks ago, I have spent time reflecting on the blessings of my life.  The "simple" things are really the "big things".  

This photo was shot by a local newsperson.  A day sitting in this swing...with this view...  What could be better???

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