Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Matchbox Chest

One of the favorite tools in my art arsenal is my ink-blending tool to use with all the Tim Holtz Distress ink pads.  Just got a few new colors last week... yummy colors... of course 2 of the 3 were pinks!    I have twenty-some colors... not all they offer, but quite a few.  I have invested in enough of the blending pads to have one for each color... so that I don't have to constantly be cleaning them or worrying about contaminating some of the light-colored pads.  

The issue was... how to store them easily so that I could change out as needed.  I saw a couple of cute projects online using cigar boxes and matchbox drawers.... Then when I discovered that the removable ink blending pads fit PERFECTLY inside a little matchbox.... I was ga-ga!!!   First stop was the grocery store to get several packs of box matches.

Next I was off to my local antique store to get an old cigar box to play around with.  I found one where the little boxes fit perfectly inside the outer  box, so that it would look like a chest of drawers.  Scrounging around in the basement, I discovered some old drawer hardware.  So my little "chest" has a handle on top so I can carry it from place to place if needed.

Getting all the boxes glued together and in place was the next step, as well as chosing some fun papers to go around the stacks of drawers.  I inked papers with names of each ink color and glued those to the ends of the boxes.  I used tiny brass brads as "drawer pulls".  

Tucked inside each drawer is the colored foam pad designated for that particular shade.

I am SO PLEASED to have this imperfect, funky little cigar- box chest of drawers to keep right on my work table, so that when ink is being applied in so many layers.... I'll for sure have all my colors at my fingertips. I included a few extra drawers for new colors yet to come!

Happy inking and stamping!!!


Cynthia of Cynful Creations said...

What a fabulous idea! I love this little dresser you made!!

Not sure we can get matchboxes in grocery stores here in Canada but I'll have a look!

Peggy Houston, TX said...

Brilliant - love your creation... came from MAM FTB... thanks for sharing with us!

Corliss (Corky) Eden said...

Well now, that is just the cat's pj's! I do not use the ink pads but your idea has sparked the imagination. Thank you for the post!

Pat said...

Well, that just sparks all kinds of ideas. Who knew the pads fit perfectly in the matchbox drawers. I am envisioning drawers for all kinds of things now! Thanks for posting this.

Chris said...

Such an adorable little chest of drawers, and what a great way to keep your pads - then to be able to find the right color immediately - how cool is that!
chris from MAM's class

Nathan gmz said...

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SQ54 said...

I am so doing this come Saturday. Thanks for the great idea!Thanks for sharing!

Martha Richardson said...

Fab idea Jane ;)